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We take pride in our wholly-owned Portuguese group. Although it is still a family business, with a long history of more than 80 years of activity in metalworking. We have been operating since 1938. Our resilience has seen us overcome crises whilst seizing opportunities.

Our differential lies in the quality and fast delivery of our products and services, always with competitive prices. The continuous investment in the total cash-flow has allowed us to increase productivity and the close relationship with our staff and suppliers allows us to increase competitiveness. All with a single purpose: to serve our customers well.

Our group is focused on delivering customer service solutions. In addition to our manufacturing of expanded metals, perforated sheets and metal mesh floors, our laser and waterjet cutting, bending, welding, as well as hot lacquering services (Lasindustria), allows us to provide the customer with unique turnkey solutions.

We are an ethical and responsible company, where the Fair-trade is a staple, recycling is mandatory as well as investment in low energy consumption equipment and the use of solar energy.


Reliability at all levels.

Our company has been operating in Portugal since 1938. This accrued expertise and resilience has taught us how to seize opportunities for over eight decades. We remain faithful to what has made us grow: investment, planning and development, always with humility and perseverance. We learn from everyone: suppliers, customers and employees; always listening to them in order to progress. Currently, we have three production facilities and a distribution warehouse. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped us in this journey.

“Metal Distendido, Lda”, one of the oldest manufacturing units still in activity in Portugal, was founded in 1938 in Campo Grande (Lisbon).

Back then, it was dedicated to the manufacture of expanded metal and our patented locks called “Tranca-portas-Português”. In the 1940s, our activity scope increased by including locksmithing, chrome-plating and nickel-plating services.

In the 1950s and 1960s, exports to the former Portuguese colonies gave the necessary push for the retention of over 50 jobs held.

In the 1970s and 1980s, with the independence of the Portuguese colonies and consequent loss of market share, as well as the opening of borders with the advent of the EEC (European Economic Community), several weaknesses came to surface concerning a company that was used to closed and oligopolistic markets, thus suffering serious financial imbalances. At the time, our facilities were relocated to Cascais.

In the early 1990s, the company was sold. The new owners started an investment and development process, where rigour, innovation and efficiency superseded the old methods. Still in that decade, perforated sheets and metal mesh grilles were added to our portfolio of products.

In the late 1990s, new and modern distribution facilities in Vila Nova Famalicão were opened, covering the entire northern Portuguese market, with large stocks.

In 2006, a market opportunity was detected amongst our customer base. Laser and waterjet cutting services were added to our comprehensive portfolio, and impressive investments were made in this field.

In 2014, after years of “austerity”, we decided to invest in a new plant, allowing for internal restructuring and reorganization, promoting a modern and technologically advanced structure, aimed at market leadership.

In 2018, we underwent a split-off process, legally separating and creating two other companies from scratch: LASINDUSTRIA and EXMET, whilst investing in new opportunities and market segmentation. Hence, our portfolio of products and services has widened and we are able to propose integrated and complementary solutions to our customers. The synergy between these companies is a reality.

In 2020, always investing in new equipment, we acquired a new metal press, being the most powerful in the Iberian Peninsula. Thus, we once again ensure a valuable reinforcement of our portfolio.


To be a leading company in the Iberian market in providing integrated industrial solutions to our customers, regarding our products and services.


Continuous growth in research, development and investment so that the cost/benefit ratio of our products and services is maximized, thus seeking the full satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and employees, building a company on a solid growth basis.


Because of our strong moral compass and work ethos, our growth is based on good business practices, respect for the environment and people, and compliance with tax obligations.