Lozenge Mesh

They are the most common in the market.
They have applications as diverse as filtering, walkways or seal.
Meshes range from 2x1mm and 200x75mm opening.

Malha losangular

Square Mesh

They are requested when the price factor is very important.
They have application in the area of the various networks, baskets, protection.
The stitches vary between 2×1,5mm and 60x40mm.

Malha quadrada

Hexagonal Mesh

They are requested when the resistance factors, low transparency or differentiation is overweight.
They have application in the field of bridges, mostly.

Malha hexagonal

Architectural Mesh

They are very specific mesh, mainly used in the decoration.

Malha decorativa

Round Meshes

Much sought after when applying for a technical substitute for perforated plate with advantages in price.
Its characteristics are flexibility and the absence of waste (scrap).

Malha redonda

Nerve Mesh

Requested in construction or in modern rehabilitation with a low cost and specific stiffness are ideal for strengthening the plaster in modern construction.

Malha nervo