In 1938 in the middle of Campo Grande (Lisbon), it was founded one of the oldest factories still active in Portugal, the “Metal Distendido, Lda.”

It was devoted then to the expanded metal manufacturing and patented locks “lock-gates-Portuguese”, the civil activities and locksmithing services plating and nickel were added later in the 40s.

In the 50s and 60s the export to the colonies gave the leverage necessary for the maintenance of more than 50 jobs that has come to have.

In the 70s and 80s, with the loss of colonial markets and open borders with the European community proved to be several weaknesses of a company accustomed to closed and oligopolistic markets suffering serious financial imbalances. At the time the facilities had changed to the Municipality of Cascais.

In the early 90s, having been sold to new owners embarked on an investment and development process, where the rigor, innovation and efficiency prevailed over older methods. Also in this decade the perforated sheet metal squares joined our product offering.

In 1999, new and modern distribution facilities in Vila Nova Famalicão were opened, covering the entire north geographic market with wide existence of stocks.

In 2006, having been detected a market opportunity with its customers base, laser cutting services and water jet were added to our already broad offering, having made substantial investments in this field.

In 2014, after years of “austerity” it was decided to invest in a new plant, enabling the restructuring and internal reorganization promoting a modern and technologically advanced structure, aiming at market leadership.

In this decade in which we find ourselves seeking to move ourselves by ethical and moral principles of respect for human beings, energy saving and use of absolutely recyclable materials whenever possible joining the good aesthetic taste to environmental respect. Proof of this is the manufacture and development of aesthetic and functional shading solutions and at the same time saving energy by promoting energy efficiency in buildings.


Being Iberian leaders in providing integrated solutions to our industrial customers inside the products and services we provide.


Continued growth in research, development and investment so that the quality / price of our products and services is maximized, seeking in this way the full satisfaction of customers, suppliers and employees, basing the company a solid foundation for growth.


By moral and ethical option this growth has premises for good business practices, respect for the environment and for human beings and tax compliance.


We are structured in two factories, one for service and one for the manufacture of products as well as a distribution warehouse.

We are an industrial company, family business and 100% equity Portuguese, manufacturer of strained metals, metal floors and perforated sheets. Also provide laser cutting services and a jet of water, or cut and pure bending.

We have in store, beyond the products we manufactured various steel products for immediate delivery.